Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sucker Punch

Long ago, I remember feeling horrible grief after my girlfriend and I broke up. I sat down next to a beautiful lake and put my feet in the sand. It was as if I had been sucker punched and I barely had air to breath. As I sat there contemplating how awful my life was, I noticed a few birds flying in the distance. The thought that came to my head was, “Those birds have absolutely no idea the pain I’m feeling. And they’ll never know.” Truth be told, there was no one at the time that felt or knew the pain I was going through. Not a single person in the entire planet. The world was going to go on whether I felt grief or not.

I remember another time driving up to Canada from the center of California all by myself. As I drove up the lonely interstate (I-5), I realized that I didn’t know any person at all on the entire drive up. There were thousands and thousands of cars passing me by in a flash and not one familiar face. For some reason – it randomly occurred to me that there might never be a person in China, or India, that would ever know that I existed. Like I said, random. Those countries have more than two billion people living in them. Two billion people on the planet at the same time as me – never knowing me at all – and I would never know them.

Two billion... Well, actually – to be more accurate - what about the entire population of the planet? Six billion people (and counting...) So many unknown people. I might know a few thousand people in my lifetime, if I tried my hardest. Maybe. But I could never claim that they would know me – or I would really know them. There are probably a few thousand people that know I exist, probably less than a hundred people that know me, and less than ten people that really know me. But only one person on the planet knows everything about me.

I think these would be incredibly scary thoughts for someone who doesn’t know about Jesus. Jesus (God the father – in flesh) really does know everyone on the planet. He is infinite, so no amount of people could ever surpass His personal connection to every person on earth – throughout all of history.

And His nature is love. Perfect unconditional love. Jesus is the actual walking definition of love. And He’s a love that wasn’t just words – He showed His love with His life. And His revealing nature has been witnessed throughout history. He is good – He is trustworthy, and His life gives our lives purpose. And He says something that no one on the planet can truthfully mean:

“Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you.” (Heb. 13:5)

He can only mean that because He is God. God will never leave us because God is true love.

He's the one that really knows everything about me. He's the only person on the planet that sees me as I am and still accepts me. And seeing the good, bad, and ugly - He never leaves.

This is definitely good news. Especially on days when I notice birds flying in the distance – like today.

Have a great day!


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