Friday, February 10, 2012


We are fragile people.

I’ve been sick the last week and it’s been pretty awful. The worst part is that it’s been hard for me to think. My sinus crud is interfering with my mind. I feel like I’ve been walking in a fog. I’ve taken a ton of medication but it hasn't done anything. It's only got worse. Now I am finally feeling like I’m starting to come out of it - at least the headache part - although I’m still hackin’ up a lung.

It’s made me think of how fragile everything truly is. We take our thoughts, our hands and feet, our 5 senses - we take them for granted. At least - I do. I remember years ago getting a really bad sprain in my ankle - the pain was unbearable - and I sat there in the midst of my pain amazed that I had never thanked God for a normal ankle. Pain - it does something. It makes us grateful. Sounds kinda backwards - but - for me - it seems to be the truth. I’m not naturally thankful. I forget and get an entitled mindset.

Especially when we get “normal” - we just tend to forget. Well - I can’t speak for you - but I forget. I forget how fragile I am and I begin to take things for granted again. Every one of us is 5 minutes from losing anything - or everything. Everything we have is a gift. We act like entitled children when, in fact, we own nothing. One day - we will lose it all. Everything. Our thoughts, our mobility, our “cool”ness - everything. We have such a short time on this Earth.

We are fragile people.

Psalm 103:14-16

14 “for he knows how we are formed,

he remembers that we are dust.

15 As for man, his days are like grass,

he flourishes like a flower of the field;

16 the wind blows over it and it is gone,

and its place remembers it no more.”