Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thoughts from Flour Garden Bakery

We live in a world that is very earthy.  

I’m sitting in a coffee shop sipping on a vanilla latte.  I just ate some wild rice chicken soup and it was delicious, although I may have burnt my tongue - just a bit.  There are people all around the cafe engrossed in their own conversations or occupied with their computers and cell phones.  The chair I’m sitting on is hard and a bit uncomfortable.  And it’s a little more hot than I’d like it to be. 

And I type on this old computer.  My “S” key is missing.  Annoying.  Luckily, if I hit where the “S” key was - it still types the letter “S”.  This gives me another excuse to want to buy something new that I don’t really need.  

The Giant’s game is going on behind the window I’m writing on (gamecast) and I occasionally peak behind my typing to look at the score.  MadBum is killin’ it again.  

There are colors - and smells - sounds - hard surfaces - heartbeats - voices - coffee grinding - and so much more.  Outside the shop, people are in cars are going about their business - parking and driving away.

There are price tags everywhere in this shop.  Art hangs on the wall from local artists.  The floor is checkered black and white. Bohemian Rhapsody is the background music for this blog - now switching to the Beetles.    

It’s all so “real”.  I mean - what I’ve described is actually what is happening.  Right now.

And yet.

Two years from now - it’ll be a distant memory.  If a memory at all.  It’ll be as if this moment never happened (except for the evidence from this blog).

How many moments of life are like this?

And in the midst of the “realness” of this moment - there is an unseen reality that is almost impossible to detect.  It’s literally invisible to most.  And it seems so completely “unreal” in this moment of “realness”.  This actual moment in time.

God’s grace, forgiveness, mercy, goodness, and love permeate everything.  This moment (that will fade in memory) will become almost unreal in the future.  But the invisible grace of God that surrounds everything in this little coffee shop - will go on forever - long after I’m gone.  And that love and grace is everywhere!  

I guess - what I’m trying to say - is this:  The very real moments in life aren’t as tangible as we think they are.  They’re only tangible in that very moment we experience them - then they’re gone.  What is seemingly most real in our lives (the physical world) is gone moment by moment - slowly fading in our memories.  (I mean, to be honest - I can’t even remember what I did yesterday!)  

But what is seemingly the most unreal thing in our lives in the moment (spirit) is actually more real than the keys I’m currently typing on.   The Spirit is with us - in our past, present, and future - and into eternity. 

We tend to separate the two worlds.  Physical and spiritual.  The truth is - they can’t be separated.  God is in the earthy “now”.  He created it all.  He meant it to be the way it is.  He didn’t make a mistake.

Going further - you are not a mistake.  He meant for you to be you.  All the good, bad, and ugly.  He knows and sees it all.  And He’s not surprised.  He loves your whole person - all of you.  He’s not afraid of anything about you.  He’s not disgusted about any part of you.  He thinks you’re precious.  

His grace, forgiveness, mercy, goodness, and love really do permeate everything.  All the time.  

The fullness of an infinite God pouring His ridiculous love on us - at every moment of our day.  Even on ordinary days.  Earthy days

Even while eating wild rice chicken soup at a random coffee shop…

Have a great day!

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