Friday, August 21, 2009

Seize the Day!

I've been thinking a lot about when I coached football at Oak Ridge High School. We had an unbelievably talented team and there were tons of fun - and funny memories. One of the guys that keeps coming to my mind is Josh Anderson.

We had a ritual before game day. Every week, the practice before game day, a group of us from the team would always go to Mongolian BBQ in Folsom. We would load up on food (Folsom Mongo was the best because they had shrimp) and just hang out together. There was anywhere from 10-20 guys each time, and every time the bill came, I had to pay extra because the guys would never pay their tip - arrrrggg.

Josh was our kicker. He wasn't the most athletic on the team, but we all loved him. He was so goofy, and had a quick wit. He could make any of us crack up in an instant. One of my favorite memories was at our weekly ritual. At the Folsom Mongolian BBQ, there was soft serve ice cream. Every week, for two years - Josh would grab a cone and load up on ice cream. Most times, the ice cream would reach over a foot long. He'd do crude jokes with the ice cream, which would just make me roll my eyes - while everyone from the team would laugh. I always remember his eyes as he'd say, "Sorry Coach - they made me do it." or some other lame excuse. He could always make me smile.

Josh passed away when he was 19 - just a few years after I'd moved away from El Dorado Hills.

I miss those days. I miss my friends at Mongolian BBQ. I miss football at Oak Ridge, Woodleaf, the Ramos' house, Steve's Pizza, and so many other places that are filled with awesome memories. For sure, though, the thing I miss most are the people.

Seize the day - that's what Christin and I used to sing...and yet most days I forget to live that out.

I wish I'd known how good things were while they were happening. I miss those days...

Lord, help me to not forget to fully live out today!