Saturday, October 22, 2011


It's been a while.

I think about those scriptures in Ecclesiastes where is says there's a time for this - and a time for that. A time for X and a time for Y. etc.

Well, I guess there's a time for sharing, and there's a time for soaking it all in. That's where I've been - really. Soakin' it all in. Learning. Learning some good things - and reflecting upon difficult things. But holding onto the fact that God is good in the midst of it all.

So - I hope to write a little more than I have been. It's been a nice break from writing (well, I'm still writing on another project - but nice break from this blog.) I can always find things to say. ha! Good ol' verbal diarrhea. Hopefully there'll be a nugget of something good every once in a while.

Hope you have a great day! and - BOO! - almost Halloween. Love it!