Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good news to all

…On whom His favor rests…

I had the opportunity to teach a kind of “become a better person” class at Bear River High School . It’s an actual class for students that are about to fall through the cracks of the school system. Within the hour, we had a lively discussion of why attendance is important in life – a topic that I randomly stepped into because I was the substitute for the day.

These students have seen a lot in their short life. One student mentioned that his Dad had been in prison for much of his life. Another argued the benefits of medicinal marijuana (yes – we were talking about attendance). One of the interesting things that came out in our discussion was the fact that they thought all adults were against them.

I’m almost positive that many people feel that way about God too. Many students (and adults) have the notion that God couldn’t possibly be for them. But the great news stated by Luke at the beginning of his gospel is that God’s favor rests on humanity. From the beginning of the gospel to the end – God is for us. And Jesus – God incarnate – proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt by laying his life down for his friends (you and me) at the cross, and then raising again into a new life that He invites all of us into.

Here’s the truth – whether you believe everything about Jesus Christ (his life, death, and resurrection) – or you reject Him – He is still the best news for everyone on the planet. He gave and sustains all life. Young Life’s original motto put it succinctly: Christ is life!

That’s the great message I get to carry into a classroom of disinterested kids.

Our goal with Young Life is to help young people move from a dark to light understanding – where kids “wake up” to the truth that God is for them – all the way through the cross and into life. We do this simply by pointing to Jesus. Students who are surrounded by darkness need only to be pointed towards the light. That’s Young Life in a nutshell – pointing to the light of the world – Jesus Christ.

And let us not forget, He is the good news for kids of every age – whether you’re a freshman in high school, or a grandma celebrating her 100th birthday. He is love and He is good!